Monday, January 4, 2010

A Silly Rhyme

Major Editing Required. But I couldn't let the thought fade, never to be thought again.

I found a note today.
"Allow yourself to love.
Let yourself be loved.
You have one heart, it's meant for others too."
I thought it rather silly; to read this stupid note.
Until I tried to live it, and admit I am addicted.

I like this one a lot. Of all I've ever writ,
I hope you like it too, cause it's my favorite.
If you read this in the night, I hope it brings you peace.
If you read this when you wake, I hope it brings you joy.
If you read this in the day,
I just would like to say;
despite your hurts and pain,
may you be loved always.

(A silly little little rhyme, with tons of truth inside)

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