Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Day

Garbage. The idea was there. I blew it. Major editing required.

Giddy. Excited. Restless. It's so hard to fall asleep. I close my eyes and dream but still awake. I lie here, thinking not dreaming, it's now impossible to sleep.
Who will I see tomorrow? What will we talk about? Will there be a new girl? These and so many other questions race through my mind.
Wanting to look handsome, my blue jean overalls, a white TShirt and those new Addidas are already laid out. Don't normally do that, but tomorrow is a special day! So excited, I spent forever thinking about which new outfit I would wear. Every year mom buys us a few new clothes for school.
She could tell we were restless, I think she heard Mike and I talking. She comes in to check on us, "Go to sleep!" in a firm tone, then more tenderly, and almost in a whisper, "You've got a long day ahead of you tomorrow". This repeated until 4AM.

That's about the last I looked at the clock, maybe 4:30. I woke up full of energy that day. Went through the whole day without fatigue at all. I remember two girls very well - amazing the things the mind recalls, even after 15 years have passed - I did have a thing for tall girls with braces. Weird huh? Still do! I recall the brunette from work with braces. Some things never change. And today is much that way. Excited. Giddy. It's not the first day of school any more. It's the first day of work after a long vacation.

How utterly boring.

(When I was older I would find out not all kids had the same privilege of receiving new clothes for school. Just one of many realizations that reminds me that I've grown up.)

"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come" Ecc 12:1
Continue reading Ecclesiastes 12.

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