Friday, January 1, 2010


I knew a boy who once was happy and charming. I knew a young man who had ambition, hopes and dreams. Then the world changed. Or perhaps it's always been this way and recently been enlightened, the perception is the same.
I know an old man. His eyes stare forward, steadied, gazing into nothing. A hardened expression on his face. He answers honestly when asked "It's all the same. Don't believe in hope. I know YOU need it. Hold on to it son. Hold on to it." With firm strong working hands he rocks forward, grabs a cold one from the cooler. Rocking back and with those same strong fingers; "click-CLICK" the can now opened - a crisp refreshing release, like "snap crackle pop" - he takes his first sip.
This is when he smiles. A tender moment to behold.

I would visit him many times. Gestures much the same, gazing into nothing, rocking forward, rocking back and he would look me in the eye when we talked, expressionless. His words were confident and full of the wisdom you'd expect from an experienced veteran, an elder. "Love; something you just have to experience yourself. No one can tell you about it." Another one, on religion, "There is a God. He does good to all because He is love. Now, some people go to Heaven and some people go to Hell. Accept it. That's just the way it is. But be kind to all." He was always brief and to the point with a simple sentence structure.
He had other little phrases too, most of which I've forgotten now. But his smile is imprinted forever into my cherished memory. I only saw it twice. The eyes glistened, strong and steady, with that slight swell of a happy tear - only for the slightest moment. It was a smile that broke through a whithered face, his teeth were whiter and his whole body seemed brighter. It was this brief moment, happy.
That's how I remember him, those two smiles. He looked his best then. Happy.

I miss the old man. Bastard, moved away, haven't seen him since. He probably smiles a hell of a lot more now.

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