Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Rain

On a rainy day the malls are packed. They storm the dry sheltered safe haven seeking more than just a respite from the cold and wet, they crave their consumer spend hungry addictions. It's an amazing sight to see. On a day when Nature has declared, "Stay home", like zombies, bodies in motion dedicated to their goal; throwing on some shoes, a pair of sweats and sweat shirts. They venture to their 'duty'. What could be a great day to read, to phone a loved one far away becomes a day like any other; spend, spend, a starbucks and a return, spend, spend again.

We sit and sip a beer. Exchange the same old stories we've all heard; Lou's wife with cancer; in and out for years. Bob's wife cheated on him years ago; they reconciled, now he's miserable. And Ted, a sort of mystery though his story will soon be unveiled. And so we sit, listening to the rain. I don't suppose we're any different, we just go to Tavern and drink our day away. Protected from the rain.

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