Friday, January 22, 2010


Feelings come and go but the consequence of actions caused by fleeting emotions can leave a lasting (if not permanent) imprint.

I was not meant to be lazy, but I am. And what I am, I do not like. But it's not me I should not like, for I was not meant to be lazy.

I think. Therefore I write.

Feelings for an old flame come and go. Not to act on them is my sure hope.

My problem may no longer be with God. But rather with myself; for not wanting to do what God commands has put me in this state. And though unhappy as I may be, it's not with God I could be angry. But only with myself. I think thats why I started smoking.

This world is crazy; and I'm unhealthy.

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  1. I'm sure there are parts of you that have changed so much in the years since I've seen and spoken to you last. Then again, in reading this, in some ways you are still very much the same. I hope your anger with yourself leaves you and you are left with understanding and peace within.