Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lessons from a Pup

My professor spoke of humans having a hierarchy of chakras. How musicians (and artists) tend to reach for the easiest chakra; the lowest. Taking him at his word, the lowest level begins with the impulsive chakra. Sex, anger etc. It's why art forms tend to easily debase themselves over these topics. The highest form is love.

A friends dog died recently. A living creature has ceased it's breathing, it's body no longer gives off warmth and only noticed to those close by, the daily routines; fetching food, going for a walk and even the gentle pet after coming home from a long day have all been removed.
Now my friend is rather shaken up by the whole ordeal. Handling it in such ways as men often do. A day or two alone mourning over a six pack, perhaps a smoke while recalling a number of the cherished memories. He loved his dog.
I scrolled through a few photographs of the now deceased hound. A pet I have even handled on more than one occasion. I mulled over a few photos. Even felt my heart soften at such pictures as the dog snuggled asleep into a child arms. Or the silly photo when the playful pup rustled through the trash; which brought to mind an un-captured memory where he popped up with a canister of ice cream covering his snout. Cherished moments for my friend I am sure, and I even felt the love myself. Amazing what a photo can bring to mind.
Suddenly, without any reason or justification, while gazing through the photos I thought of something vulgar. Recalling a line from a movie I had seen sometime ago - completely unrelated - "I am Jacks ...". It was such a devilish thing to think. And in the spirit of what I'd call, clever whit, I thought to write the caption. Clever but shocking; is what would be said.
I did not write the post. I held my tongue this time.

Mind: Debased, it reaches to the lowest depths.
Voice: The higher chakra; will now become my aim.

*I don't believe in chakra; I'd call 'it' something else. Perhaps the Christian calls it sin and virtue.

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